We chat to Logan Hollowell; Designer, Meta-physicist, Writer, Healer, and Creative Director of LH Jewelry about her creative journey as a jewelry designer and what we can find on her ultimate Summer essentials list. 

Sommer Swim x Logan Hollowell
 SS: Tell us a little bit about Logan Hollowell jewelry and the concept behind it


LH: "Our brand (I call it our because I work with an amazing team of angels who all play a very important role!) is designed and made by hand with intention in Los Angeles. Our mission is to help all to become inspired to find their way home, live the life they deserve - all through the power of our jewellery".

Logan Hollowell HawaiiSS: What made you start Logan Hollowell jewelry?

LH: I have always been obsessed with gemstones, crystals, gold, and the healing properties of all of it. Since I was little, I always knew I wanted to help people heal themselves. I've always been interested in art, poetry, writing, psychology, ancient history/roots, the cosmos... so I applied all of the things I loved to what I started creating. I knew there was a way to really affect people through a simple reminder of owning a piece of high-quality jewelry - something they could keep forever, cherish, and eventually pass down instead of just buying something that would eventually break or turn. 


Logan Hollowell Jewelry Sommer Swim

SS: Describe your ideal Summer vacation, where are you planning to travel next? 
LH: I want to go back to Bali.. for a month! Carefree living, the healthiest most delicious food, spa experiences, waterfalls, adventures - YES! Also, want to go to the Maldives - that one is high on my tropical adventure list!

Logan Hollowell Jewelry Sommer Swim

SS: Your favourite Sommer Swim pieces and how they can be styled with Logan Hollowell Jewellery? 

LH: I love the suits with the little gold rings - they look sooo pretty with the golden gems. Gisele and Uma Tops and Iman bottoms. I love the You are my Sunshine necklaces with them, the body chains, twinkle lariat, and anything moonstone

Logan Hollowell Jewelry Sommer Swim


Loved by an army of celebrities across the globe, Logan Hollowell Jewelry has been spotted on the likes of Influencer Alexis Ren, Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd, IT girl Cara Delevingne, Actress Penelope Cruz, and Supermodel Elsa Hosk who starred in the latest LHJ campaign.

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