Cheetah Outreach

We’ve shot in some of the most beautiful locations around the world. From Sardinia to Rio, Sommer Swim campaigns create a portal to these beautiful places for each of our followers to experience.

This is the first time we have shot in South Africa and the scenery is breathtaking. The African Savannah is golden and boundless and home to a diverse ecosystem of creatures. This shoot was a little more touching for us as we reached out to a conservation organisation, in the hopes of working with them to raise awareness for their Cheetah Outreach Program.

The Cheetah Outreach Program is a not for profit organisation that works to educate and raise awareness for the survival of the cheetah. Unfortunately, cheetah numbers have diminished from over 100 000 to just over 7000 today.


The cheetah is a fierce and beautiful creature with a fighting spirit and full of poise and grace. In our most recent Sommer Campaign, we worked with a cheetah by the name of TOBIAS. He is part of the outreach program and the organisation’s ambassador. He was born at the foundation and hand raised. Tobias plays an important role in the awareness and education program and he lives with his brothers Kitu and Tinashe at the sanctuary.

Make sure you are following their progress on Instagram @cheetah_outreach