Finding the perfect bikini top for a small bust can be a difficult and sometimes uninspiring task for those dealt the small hand. One thing you shouldn’t forget is that a small bust can actually be a big asset. You’re able to wear minimal styles without feeling over-exposed, underwire, and thick straps for support don’t even come to mind when filtering styles to suit your shape. To help you embrace what you’ve already got, we’ve pulled together our three best bikini tops that are considered small chest friendly from our design team and customers.



The knot detail at the front of this Bandeau bikini top is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also helps to pinch fabric at the centre of the top allowing you to control how much coverage you want. Keep it ruched for a minimal look with underboob, or stretch the fabric flat for full coverage.



Fake it till you make it, as some would say. The XENA halter neck top helps give the illusion of a bigger bust with its halter design, triangle shape, and adjustable string ties. This is one of our most versatile pieces that allows you to create a look that compliments your shape.



Our ultra minimalistic Uma bralette bikini top gives a slight lift and contours the bust with its triangle design. Mimicking the style of a 90’s Kate Moss era bralette, the Uma Top is both chic and practical for small busts.


Our version of a bust lift can be found in the Anais Top featuring a cross over halter top that gives a natural enhancement to all bust sizes. With a thicker band for support, adjustable straps and a seamless clasp finish at the back this will be a staple to take you through seasons.